About Our Gun Rights

Second Solutions was started as a the result of a discussion which took place in a South Carolina concealed carry class some years ago.

In our state, as well as many other states, there is specific signage that must be posted for a business to legally deny concealed carry holders to carry their firearms into, and sometimes onto, the business property.

Second Solution’s symbol is the newest way that concealed carry holders can identify the businesses that share our same beliefs in 2nd Amendment rights.

You may have also seen these signs, or similarities:


This is not what we are about. Signs such as this can deter customers from firearms-friendly businesses, and promotes division. The 2nd Amendment is the most commonly bi-partisan and multi-cultural platform in America both today and historically. We want to keep it that way.

Our intention is to be unoffensive and un-divisive.

The signage that we have proposed is subtle, and more of a "secret handshake" persona. Anyone who knows what it means will recognize and respect it. It is intentionally unoffensive to, and easily overlooked by, anyone who does not recognize it or does not wish to own/carry firearms.

It is an unobtrusive win/win for both business owners and permit holders who practice their 2nd Amendment rights, and also for those who do not own/carry for personal reasons. The 2nd Amendment is a Freedom, not a mandate.

Know the sign, and display it with confidence! If you recognize it, then we share common beliefs.

For those who do not wish to carry for any personal reason, we respect that decision and will not make it an issue. We welcome your business equally, and we'll quietly watch your back.

Our Gun Rights Symbol